Video Of ‘Abang Bomba’ Kissing A King Cobra On The Head Makes Netizens Wish They Were A Snake Too…

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You know what they say about a man in uniform…

Our local abang bomba are no strangers to the prying eyes of netizens who can’t seem to get enough of their strong physiques and muscly arms, all enveloped by a fitted uniform and paired with a very distinct sense of fearlessness.

Johor-based fireman Amiluddin Tamrin, who has nearly 58,000 followers on TikTok, made waves on the app with clips of him in close proximity with a King Cobra as he handled it calmly like it was just another average pet. Besides all Amiluddin’s brawn, netizens were appalled by the manner in which the snake responded.

Check out this video for context.

@amboi__ Kalau ramai aku akan ku tunaikan janji itu jgn sesekali tiru aksi ni tau.. #fypシ #viral #masukberanda #foryou #ditaja #xyzbca #WinnerWinnerMoment #bombamalaysia #kingcobra ♬ bunyi asal – amboi ‍

Initially, when the video was first published, he told users that he would post another clip of him kissing the snake on the head if he gained substantial views on this one. And yes, he is seen giving the reptile a smooch towards the end of the clip, but the challenge was that he was going to do it while the snake was free and out of his grasp.

Subsequently, Amiluddin delivered his promise with this now-viral recording of him gently coaxing the Cobra to stay still as he leans forward and kisses it:

@amboi__ Balas kepada @joeyslay46 nk cium kepala bini, bini xde so cium la kepala ular JANGAN TIRU ASKI NI TAU !!! #fypシ #viral #masukberanda #foryou #ditaja #xyzbca #WinnerWinnerMoment #kingcobra ♬ bunyi asal – amboi ‍

“I want to kiss my wife on the head, but I don’t have one… So I’ll just kiss a snake’s head instead,” he jested in the caption.

The dangerous act (which he explicitly reminds viewers not to try at home) gained mass national attention, with some amazed by the sight – noting how wholesome it was – and many others simping on the abang bomba himself.

If you’re a part of the latter, we have some good news for you…

Amiluddin is indeed single, and since that snake did not turn into a princess, I guess you might have a shot after all….

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