WATCH: Unhinged M’sian Influencer Eira Aziera Sued for Fatshaming Facebook User

The next time you go on Facebook Live, remember that you might get sued.

That is the lesson learnt by local influencer Eira Aziera who went on Facebook and verbally-assaulted an innocent woman during her live session.

Two years ago, Aziera woke up and chose violence in response to a question from a Facebook user named Suharnizan Md Sidek who innocently asked whether the slimming product she was promoting is legitimate.

The influencer who has over 100k followers on Facebook snapped after the remark and launched her lengthy tirade by calling the commenter anak haram (illegitimate child)  and barua (pimp) instead of the traditional Malay greeting, assalamualaikum (peace be upon you).

(Eira Aziera)

She proceeded to call Suharnizan out and said “Malays who act like anak haram they’re called Suharnizan.”

She went on to tell her livestream Facebook audience that the slimming product she was peddling was the only reason she hadn’t gained weight despite eating so much.

Aziera also accused the woman of not supporting fellow successful Malays.

“Take a look at yourself before you say bad things of me. You wore your wedding dress and still look like a fat pig,” said Aziera.

The influencer, who is using foundation three shades lighter than her natural skin tone, then proceeded to display images of Suharnizan and her family to the livestream audience.

She then displayed a picture of Suharnizan with her children and made the following statement: “I know why you’re so angry over slimming products. It’s because you’re as fat as a pig!”

“Your mouth and your body are both equally fat. Like a pig!”

She then continued her assault on the defenceless woman for another five minutes, during which she made several negative comments about the victim’s physique.

In a subsequent live session, Aziera dared Suharnizan to file a police complaint and suggested that the lady wouldn’t dare to sue her since she is poor and is not on her level.

Suharnizan though, had the last laugh when she responded with a police complaint and eventually won her case.

According to Mohd Rasheed Hassan, Suharnizan’s attorney, the whole trial for the lawsuit case was held online for five days, from October 24th to October 28th, 2021.

“The court has also ordered (the influencer) to post a clear and unconditional apology on all of her social media accounts. The apology posts must remain published for six months from the date of posting. In addition, the court also ruled that Suharniza (through her legal reps) had succeeded in proving her claim after all the required elements is fulfilled,” the attorney added.

In the end, Aziera was ordered by the High Court of Johor Bahru to pay RM100k in damages, as well as RM30k in legal expense to Suharnizan Md Sidek.