M’sian Animal Lover Reunites With His Golden Retrievers After 486 Days Of Being Separated

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Paandiyeraj hugging and kissing his two Golden Retrievers, Nala and Simba. — Screenshot via TikTok/paandichelsea

The long-awaited reopening of the Singapore-Malaysia land border caused joyous scenes on the Causeway. Many Malaysians could finally return home to emotional reunions with their loved ones.

But it wasn’t just humans who rejoiced. For one Malaysian man, his dogs gave him a very warm welcome.

Throughout this entire time, he had not seen his two dogs, Nala and Simba, until he finally made it to Johor where they were living with a friend.

The touching scene was shared on TikTok on Saturday (2 Apr), where it gained over 117,000 likes.

The excitement started before the man even entered the gate, as just the glimpse of its owner on the other side prompted one golden retriever to jump onto it, barking and wagging its tail.

In his caption, the animal lover @paandichelsea revealed that his babies had been separated from him for 486 days. No wonder they missed him!

Check out the heartwarming screenshots of them reuniting here:

He also alluded to the border closures between the two countries with the hashtag “#singaporelockdown”.

In a subsequent TikTok posted on Sunday (3 Apr), @paandichelsea shared more quality time with his dogs.

He explained that while Simba was “excessively possessive towards me”, the adoration was reciprocated as he loved Simba and Nala as his own children.

Judging by the comments on his videos, netizens were moved by the unbridled joy Simba and Nala showed.

Their pure devotion reminds us that animals can love and miss their owners just as much. <3