WATCH: TikTok Video Shows What You Can Actually Bring Home From Hotels, Free Of Charge

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Did you grow up with a drawer filled with hotel shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and other amenities?

Often times right before checking out of our hotel rooms, some extra kiamsiap parents would tell us to “get our money’s worth” and sneak a few things into our luggages.

But is it actually meant to be taken in the first place?

The Manohara, a hotel in Indonesia, posted a TikTok video to show us what hotel guests can take home, free of charge.

@themanoharayogyakarta Nah ini dia barang-barang yang wajib kalian bawa pulang setelah staycation di Hotel. #themanohara #fyp ♬ TIKTOK HUDHAEFA RAFFA PERFORMANCE – HUDHAEFA RAFFA 3

“Things that you can take home with you!!” was captioned at the start of the short video, followed by a hotel employee packing various things in the laundry bag provided by the hotel.

And yes, the laundry bag can be taken home too.

Amongst the things he packed, it included complimentary mineral water bottles, those notepads that can be found on the bedside tables, room slippers, and toiletries galore.

So it turns out we didn’t have to sneak them out after all!

But keep in mind, not everything is free. Make sure you check with your concierge before bagging anything and don’t mistake the minibar for an open bar, speaking from personal experience..

Speaking of hotels, if you have plans to travel soon and grab a staycation after this stressful year, officials state that RM30 million has been allocated for the maintenance of tourism facilities or infrastructure.

“We have always worked closely with the state governments in ensuring that tourism development is constantly improved,” says Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister (Motac) Datuk Seri Santhara Kumar.

“This is to enable it to be an attraction for tourists, thus contributing to the domestic economic growth.”

Be sure to stay safe and take care of yourselves! Happy travels!

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