Netizens Praise Speedmart’s Staff for Allowing Terrified Doggo to Hide Inside During Thunderstorm

(source: FB)

Recently, a viral photo showing a terrified stray dog sleeping in a 99 Speedmart outlet during a thunderstorm has captured netizens’ hearts.

Many lauded the store employees for allowing the doggo to seek shelter instead of chasing it out.

According to Malay Mail, the action was brought to light after Aqluq Hakimi Saiful Aula uploaded the picture in a Facebook group after coming across it while shopping at the convenience store. The dog can be seen sleeping on top of a stack of pet food on the lowest shelf of the store rack.

“The Speedmart employee said the loud thunder scared the dog, that’s why it ran to hide here”, Aqluq wrote.

(source: Malay Mail)

He then explained that the same doggo would always hide in the store every time there was thunder or heavy rain outside.

The FB post was even shared on Twitter, where it has amassed 26,400 likes and retweeted more than 12,800 times.

While there were some concerns over the stray’s presence, most Malaysians reacted with praise for the store’s staff for showing compassion.

One Twitter user said: “May the Speedmart worker who let the dog in to sleep be blessed in life.”

Another wrote: “As a stray dog lover and a saviour, please continue to treat any stray dogs you see nicely and do not assume they know how to find food. Being stray is sad, they live a shorter life because they get depressed, and have no medical attention.”