Malaysians Cringe As Woman On TikTok Calls Mangosteen “Candied Garlic”

Malaysians don’t have much to be proud of these days, but we do pride ourselves on our food, or in this case, fruits.

Over the weekend, Michelle Brown (@missbedhead) on TikTok posted a video saying she discovered her new favourite fruit – the mangosteen. She then proceeded to cut open one of our national fruits with a knife…. oh the horror. 

The video has since collected over 800k views. Michelle frequently posts videos of her trying snacks from different countries. Yay for representation?

If you’re not familiar with the method of cracking one of these tasty bad boys open, the most popular method we all learned while growing up was to press down the skin while rolling it, to reveal the delicious, juicy contents of the fruit.

Michelle then proceeds to tell the camera that she loves mangosteen and even asks her viewers to try it, while not knowing what the name of the fruit is called.

In the video, she described the flavours to be a combination of lychee, mango and tangerine, and cheerfully called it “candied garlic”.

In all fairness, mangosteen isn’t widely known in Western countries, so I could cut her some slack.

Malaysian netizens, on the other hand, cringed in horror while telling her off about her choice of utensil when it comes to opening the fruit. Most told her to do her research before making the video.


I think I speak for most Malaysians when I say that, while we’re glad she enjoys the refreshing fruit as much as we do, perhaps some research would have helped her give a better introduction to her new favourite fruit.

Here’s the full video:

@missbedheadSweet Garlic Fruit?! #fruit #tastetest♬ original sound – Michelle Brown