TRAILER: M’sian Movie ‘Tiga Janda Melawan Dunia’ Is The ‘Breaking Bad’ For Makciks & Vapes

Most of the local movies that have caught our attention at JUICE are usually serious, chin-stroking pieces with commentary on society, religion and the hamster wheel of life.

However, we’re not always so contemplative… JUICE likes to have fun too!

So, when we saw the trailer for the absurd new local movie, Tiga Janda Melawan Dunia, we had to share it with you.

Picture this.

Three mak ciks create their own vape flavour line to collect enough money to buy tickets for their favourite artist’s last concert.

That is the exact summary of Tiga Janda Melawan Dunia and if the movie is as bonkers as the plot then this will surely be a good time.

Check out the trailer below:

Extremely topical since most of us have outgrown our My World pyjamas from 2009 but are still itching to attend Justin Bieber’s latest Justice tour in Malaysia, these mak ciks’ struggle to raise funds is exactly what most of us are doing right now.

Add in the chemistry lab scenes that will surely remind you of Breaking Bad, Tiga Janda Melawan Dunia looks like it knows how absurd it is and it doesn’t seem to care!

This movie is set to be released in cinemas May 19.