M’sian Man Fined RM6,000 For Repeatedly Jerking Off On Train, Almost Traumatises 8-Year-Old Girl

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There is a time and place for everything, but clearly this guy doesn’t get it.

A 38-year-old Malaysian man pleaded guilty to repeatedly masturbating on a train in Singapore and was fined S$2,000 (RM6,147).

According to CNA, Lee Sin Hee was charged with two counts of performing an obscene act for putting his hand down his pants and pleasuring himself in the company of other passengers.

The first out of two of the incidents happened on an MRT train, travelling towards Harbourfront on the Circle Line in April 12 this year.

He stood near the cabin door, facing a woman who was nearby, and masturbated in his pants. He stopped only when the woman took her leave at Serangoon Station.

After this, Lee moved to the centre of the cabin and stood in front of another woman. He began masturbating again, using his bag to shield his hand movements from view, according to the prosecutor.

The woman moved to another cabin, but Lee’s actions were spotted by a man in the cabin who stopped him and asked him to get off at the next station. Literally, not figuratively.

Lee initially refused, but eventually complied. A staff member at Lorong Chuan Station called the police, saying a man was causing public nuisance.

You’d think he’d learn his lesson by now, but this happened again just in August earlier this year, not 6 months after the first scene.

CNA reported that he saw a woman sitting in a cabin, felt aroused while looking at her, and began masturbating in his pants. Similar to the previous incident, he used his bag to shield his movements.

Another woman sitting across from the victim then realised what was happening. The witness was with an 8-year-old niece so she shifted her body in order to block the child from seeing what Lee was doing.

After that, Lee got off the train at Khatib Station. The women later reported the incident to train staff.

As Lee had no prior convictions, the prosecutor sought a fine of S$2,000.

Lee initially expressed that he would like to serve his default sentence, as he was unemployed and had no money, and asked for a light sentence.

However, he ultimately paid the fine of S$2,000, and will not be required to default and serve the eight days of jail time.

If found guilty of committing an obscene act, offenders can be jailed up to three months, fined, or both.

This is not the first case we’ve heard of from a public meat beater, and we could certainly do with less. Keep it in your pants, and keep your hands out of them!

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