Durian Princess: Taiwanese Model Yvonne Liu Claims To Own 2/3 Of The Durian Trees In Malaysia

Source: China Press

Taiwanese model Yvonne Liu has laid a claim to being a “durian princess” and says her family owns two-thirds of the Mao Shan Wang durian trees in Malaysia.

According to China Press, the revelation came about during the WTO Sisterhood show when the guests were asked, “Which country loves buying things on a whim the most?”

When the answer involved Malaysia and durians, the 34-year-old artiste, whose father is a Malaysian, shared the unexpected comment.

“When I was young, truckloads of durians would be delivered to my home every day. As soon as they reach the courtyard, my family would immediately split the durians open and eat with their hands.”

Source: The Star

Yvonne revealed that when she was young, her mother often told her that she could return to Malaysia and be an “heir to the throne” if her career or marriage does not work out.

“My parents’ friends who are living in Taiwan would ask us to deliver durians to them. I often feel like saying it’s crazy, the amount of taxes to import them…”

Another guest on the show chimed in and mentioned, “You are crazy and not savvy in business.”

“My friend can earn more than 4 million Taiwan dollars (about RM598,732) by selling Musang King durians in a month.”

She never revealed any details about her fruitful inheritance prior to this, and adds that she’s definitely not a fan of the King of Fruits.

“The whole house would stink of durians, even the toilet! I dashed out through the back door once I saw the trucks. I’ve never had them before.”

Upon hearing this, Taiwanese actress Sasa remarked, “Malaysian durians are the best! You should quickly go home. Why did you leave?”

Yvonne then shared that while Malaysians love to buy durians, she is actually “very afraid” of the spiky fruit.

I don’t know about you, but I would personally love to switch places with her. If not for the love of durian, the business would definitely rake in a pretty, pungent, penny.