Local Lawyer Seeks RM1480 In Compensation From BLACKPINK Concert Organiser Over ‘Non-Existent Seat’

source: Youtube

While it’s advisable not to wrong people regardless of their professions, it’s probably a good idea to avoid doing so to someone more than capable of taking legal action against you for it.

That’s exactly what’s happening with local lawyer Nas Rahman, who took to Twitter to declare that he has filed an LOD (Letter Of Demand) against Go Live and Live Nation in seeking a compensation totalling RM1480 over ‘missing seats’ at the BLACKPINK concert which took place last Saturday (March 4).

source: Twitter

“Who else went to the Blackpink concert and suffered the same fate as me? My seat was missing. I purchased tickets for Section 207, Row G No. 37. But in that row, Seat 36 was the last one. I had to stand at the entrance and then sit at the stairs (to watch the show),” said Nas Rahman, who owns his own legal firm.

He also explained that he had purchased two tickets for Seat 36 and 37 for him and his wife, worth RM480 each.

As per Sin Chew Daily, he decided to lodge the LOD after failing to obtain a response from the organisers, and therefore chose to demand a refund of the concert tickets worth RM480 for the one missing seat, in addition to a compensation of RM1000.

Under the thread, food blogger Ceddy also shared an instance at the concert where he noticed a girl heading back before the concert could even begin. She claimed that her sister’s ticket was unusable, so she traded it with hers to allow her to enjoy the show on her own.

Apart from this, multiple concertgoers have made complaints regarding the show from several other aspects, including a BLINK who had her merchandise stolen from under her seat at the VIP section, and others stating that they felt like they were watching the show “from jail” due to the large fences placed in front of them as if they were behind bars.

This is not the first time netizens are taking a dig at local organisers post-concert.

Similar issues occurred following last year’s Billie Eilish concert which took place at the same venue, with many lamenting disorganised seating and a poor view that made Billie appear “like an ant”.

Have you been to a concert lately? How was your experience?