“What A Scam!” Ticket Holders Disappointed Upon Attending Much-Anticipated Billie Eilish Concert

source: Twitter (@diminienim)

If you were one of those who had to miss the Billie Eilish concert that took place last night, then you probably, like me, expected to wake up to a TL full of clips and pictures depicting a groundbreaking show, leaving you simmering with envy.

Somehow, we’re now witnessing the total opposite – that is, tons of viral content posted by concert-goers who explained, from multiple angles, why the concert didn’t live up to its initial hype.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the issues that have been highlighted so far:

1. The Faraway Stage

As seen above, there was apparently a large stretch of space between the stage and the seating area; something no attendee could have predicted by simply referring to what was portrayed by the organisers.

The issue was further emphasised by a small screen made to give seated viewers a better glimpse of Billie, but unfortunately did not seem to serve its purpose at all:

@hani.melisa Came here for #billieeilish but but 😭 #stages #bukitjalil #golivenation #golive #billieeilish #concert ♬ original sound – hanu meliso

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

2. The Unimpressive Audio Setup

The sound system at a concert is arguably one of the most vital factors as, in the words of several netizens, there’s a standard of quality that’s expected when you purchase tickets at a certain rate. After all, this is the concert that left fans queueing outside the stadium 16 hours before kicking off.

This obviously didn’t pair well with Billie’s unique “whisper-singing” style on certain songs and further aggravated the plight faced by viewers seated towards the back, who could not indulge in satisfactory audio conditions to compensate the lack of visual appeal…

3. “Konsert sejam setengah je?”

A live concert that commences and concludes within the span of 1 and a half hours may be acceptable to some, but those who purchased tickets expecting a full-length show that will leave them, as well as Billie, gasping for air, did not get what they bargained for.

This particular matter, however, has gained a mixed reaction among netizens, with some saying it was the “standard duration”, noting that Billie did not have that many songs to perform in the first place.

4. The lack of crowd control

Malaysians are pretty notorious for cutting queues, and while being kiasu is in our blood, we could have had a Travis Scott situation back there.

As per Instagram stories posted by infuriated attendees, the event was a nightmare for claustrophobes, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it was also alleged that the general security system at the venue was subpar as well; leading to all sorts of chaos along the lines of crowding, queue cutting and seat heisting.

Speaking with JUICE, a source asserted that the seats had specific numbers assigned to them which buyers could choose while buying.

While it cannot be confirmed if there was an explicit disclaimer stating that organisers would book the seats for the buyer, some people apparently could not even find the seats they paid for amidst the crowd as there were no ushers.

The scene caused confusion at the seated areas to the frustration of many ticket holders.

“You might as well top up the money to get into the standing area because you’ll end up standing even after you’ve purchased the seats anyway,” claimed a Category 2 ticket holder who added that security at Category 2 and 3 gates did not check tickets for assigned seats, causing overcrowding at the stairs as seatless attendees had no where else to watch the concert.

Additionally, it was also alleged that concert-goers were asked to present QR codes for their tickets when greeted at the door- which wasn’t disclosed in the emails verifying their ticket purchases beforehand.

The QR code can only be obtained by downloading an app, and scanning the barcode of the ticket.

This held up the line, and the guards were eventually forced to let in latecomers without checking the QR codes, essentially making the tix transferable to other people.

All in all, many attendees did not leave the venue Happier Than Ever; but for those who purchased tickets for the standing area, we’re sure the concert was unforgettable and we do hope Ms. Eilish enjoyed herself too!