Illusion Or Paranormal Forces? Discussing The Marvel Of Sabah’s ‘Gravity-Defying’ Hill

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You know that one classic scene in horror clips where inanimate objects seem to move on their own? Think a pen on the table eerily gliding off onto the floor…

Perhaps it’s the way we were conditioned into perceiving such instances as a sign of a forthcoming global apocalypse or inexorable possession that makes Sabah’s ‘Gravity Hill’ the centre of supernatural allegations, ever since its opening to the public in 2006:

@apimoto424 Misteri Gravity Hill Sabah Malaysia.#gravityhill #sabah #malaysia #mistery #crockerkinabalu ♬ original sound – Api Moto

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

Nearly each and every time viral clips of the hill’s mystery emerge online, sceptical netizens who question the validity of the recordings are shut down by those who have witnessed the happenings first hand.

We can hardly believe that the videos haven’t been tampered with in any way.

Putting an end to all this talk are reports stating that at the Gravity Hill, there is a slope which simply appears as a downhill slope, but is actually going uphill- resulting in its seemingly gravity-defying nature that’s merely an optical illusion.

Here’s a quick clip that will explain the concept visually:

Located 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from Keningau, curious drivers sometimes deliberately visit the highway only to pull over and ‘test the gravity’ for themselves using soda cans and plastic bottles, which eventually roll uphill.

If you’re tempted to try it, go ahead, by all means- but make sure to clean up after yourselves because we don’t more need random litter on a busy highway!

Additionally, the slope is sometimes called the ‘magnet hill’ for the same reason.

Despite the scientific evidence backing this strange phenomenon, some people, particularly locals, seem to believe that there lies the presence of an underlying supernatural or ‘magical’ force that makes for such an atypical possibility.

This, for now, remains a mystery yet to be debunked. But either way…