BLINK Whose Merch Got Stolen From Under Their VIP Seat Implores Culprit To Return It ASAP

source: Youtube

The much-anticipated BLACKPINK concert unfolded pretty smoothly at the Bukit Jalil Stadium over the weekend, with not a drop of rain to halt the show.

Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh even commended local BLINKs for utilising LRT services to travel to and fro, beating prior presumptions that the event would lead to chaos on the roads.

Unfortunately, things turned sour for one BLINK who was seated in the VIP section. VIP tickets for the show entailed better seating nearer to the stage where BLINKs could spot their bias close-up, along with a chance to shop official merch before the other ticket holders were allowed into the area, including special edition hoodies.

These were the items kept under their seat, which the owner found missing by the end of the show. The concertgoer announced the matter via the BLACKPINK Malaysia Fan Club Twitter page.

“To the person that stole all my merch from below my seat (VIP L SectionA21, Seat A01) that I had painstakingly lined up for for hours & (used my) hard-earned money to purchase, I’d appreciate if you’d return my stuff back to me & I’ll just consider it as an accident or (else) you won’t be blessed for any of it.

Tak berkat, haram, saya tak halalkan. Maybe I won’t get it back but karma will one day bite you back so hard that you will regret it for the rest of your life,” they wrote. Under the thread, the fan club confirmed that the BLINK had already lodged a complaint to the organiser, who said they could not help her.

Netizens felt for the BLINK, and pledged to help spread the word and raise awareness on the matter. Many noted that the culprit was most likely also seated at the VIP section, prompting the BLINK to seek additional assistance to access the data on Ticketmaster.

No updates have been reported by the account thus far.

We hope word gets around quickly and the BLINK gets her merch back 😢