Halloween Costume Ideas Based Off Iconic Malay Movies

We get it – Halloween is upon us and you have nothing to wear. With every club, house party, or office get-together attendee rushing to outdo each other, you don’t want to be THAT person who doesn’t play ball.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to break the bank just for ONE night, right? Don’t get me wrong, if you do, more power to you! But for the rest of us working plebs, here are some ideas, based off iconic Malay movie characters:

1. Wahid from Lagi Lagi Senario (2001)

What you will need:

x1 Blue Turtleneck Long-sleeve Tee

x1 Black Trousers

x1 Black Sunglasses

x1 Dark Blue Bandana/Cloth

For zillenials such as myself, the cultural impact of this film may be lost on most. However, there is a reason for its enduring popularity amongst the makciks and pakciks of the world, as the third instalment in the Senario movie franchise is packed with laughs and serves as a time capsule of a time gone by.

In the film, Wahid gets fired from his waiter job at a fancy restaurant, and resorts to working at Azlee’s roti canai stall. After his colleagues Saiful and Yassin leave to work at an opposite stall, Wahid comes up with with a gimmick to end all gimmicks to drum up some business – ‘Roti Canai Terbang Rock & Roll’, inspiring many real life copy-cats.


2. Adnan from Adnan Semp-it (2010)

What you will need:

x1 Black Shirt

x1 Black Blazer

x1 Black Trousers

x1 Black Tie

Despite this particular clip from Adnan Semp-it being recently reborn as a meme, the “What’s mean you sorry sorry?” scene actually comes at the film’s climactic high point. Without spoiling the plot’s specifics, the movie is a tale of a silver-spooned woman who falls for a delivery rider, or ‘mat despatch’.

It explores the dynamics of love between two social classes, and actually does a good job of portraying the everyman struggle of living in KL city. Indeed, the masses seem to agree that this film is something special, with the film raking in RM7.7 million at the box office (and briefly holding the title of highest-grossing film in Malaysian history).


3. Putri from Gol & Gincu (2005)

What you will need:

x1 Low-Cut White Top

x1 Pink Three-Quarter Tights

x1 Socks/Futsal Shoes

Ahh, Gol & Gincu. Malaysia’s first real foray into a light hearted sports film, and a guilty pleasure of mine. The story revolves around protagonist Putri, who’s journey of self discovery after being broken up with leads her to pick up futsal – or indoor football.

However, her initial foray into the sport did not go as well as she hoped – coming from a privileged, ‘girly-girl’ background – as her choice of outfit will attest. She links up with a group of seasoned female futsal players, rocking up in this wholly inappropriate attire, and even plays in socks as she did not have the right shoes.

Putri would later complete her redemption arc, and have one over the ball-busting group aptly called the ‘Ballbusters’, but hey, this isn’t a movie review, this is a costume compilation! Go watch it, you won’t regret it.


4. Husin from Zombi Kampung Pisang (2007)

What you will need:

x1 Brown/Dark Green Tee

x1 Kain Pelikat

x1 Blue Towel

The movie that started it all. When released more than decade ago, nobody knew at the time that the fictional village of Kampung Pisang would go on to feature in not three, not four, but five separate blockbuster films.

Husin, the main progenitor of events in the series, is known for his laid-back demeanour and perhaps lackadaisical approach to life. Honour his legacy by donning his iconic look, whether it be draped over your head and shoulders, or even tied up as some sort of kampung durag.


5. Diana Dahlan from Dukun (2018)

What you will need:

x1 Red Kebaya

x1 Gold Costume Bracelet

x1 Gold Costume Necklace

In the film, Diana is a murdering practitioner of the dark arts, who is purportedly based on the real life singer-turned-witch doctor Mona Fandey.

The film was actually embargoed for release for more than a decade, amid stern protestations from Mona’s surviving family and the authorities.

However, or rather because of this, the film went on to attract huge crowds at its screenings, topping the RM10 million mark – a milestone for a local horror film.

You can even watch JUICE’s take on this outfit here:


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Happy halloween, and we at JUICE wish you all a very spooky evening!