BOO! Here Are 6 Items In Your Closet That You Can Turn Into The Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Nature is healing, we didn’t anticipate this but Halloween is actually happening this year! And if you’re like me, you haven’t given any thought to what your costume this year might be.

Fret not, JUICE has compiled a list of last minute costumes you can put together from pieces you already own. Let’s get spooky:

1.Black turtleneck

Yes, its been done every year but you can’t beat the classics! You can opt for The Rock, paired with a fanny pack, vintage jeans and a silver chain for that extra drip. Can you smell what’s cooking?

Similarly, the other option would be the infamous Steve Jobs, just make sure you go around saying “failed to upload to iCloud, update your storage space” to complete the look.

2. Black stockings

I’m sure we’ve all seen the memes of a certain Kardashian’s Met Gala look this year. The socialite family usually shows up in avant garde attire, but this year Kim’s look seems easy enough to recreate.

All you need is a tight fit black outfit, and a pair of stockings to wrap around your head. Finish it off with a high pony tail and some stilettos and strut your way into society. (Bonus points if you stuff the butt of your pants for the full effect.)

3. A bright coloured hoodie

The popularised game Among Us took the world by storm while we were stuck in numerous lockdowns, and the little space suits might not be as hard to imitate as you think..

To transform yourself into a suspicious astronaut, grab a colourful hoodie and your mom’s visor and you’re good to go! Get your friends involved too for a whole party.

Additional props you might need include a red button and your weapon of choice. Just don’t be too suspicious..

4. Green paper

If you have some green coloured paper lying around, or honestly just a giant leaf, put together a little arts and crafts session and make it into a Sims diamond.

Attach it to any headband, and you’re ready to do random actions around the house. Here’s a tutorial:

5. A red striped tee

Remember the guy we spent hours looking for in books? If you’re an introvert who got dragged into a Halloween party, this costume is perfect for disappearing into the crowd, its your whole character!

Simply don on a red striped tee, some blue jeans and a beanie.. that’s literally it. Now when you leave the party early, people can actually say, “where’s Waldo?”

6. A white sheet

You saw this coming. If we’re really talking about last minute, just grab one of your mom’s white sheets and sunglasses and (boo)m, you’re ghost.

Feel free to stroll around town in it too, my best friend and I decided to run a few errands while in our sheets and I must say, social distancing has never been easier.

JUICE wishes everyone a happy Halloween, and stay safe!