8 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas from Tana Mongeau

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Controversial youtuber, Tana Mongeau knows what the people want – and she delivered.  Everyone knows what Halloween is really about – an excuse to dress up in the skimpiest outfits (throw on some cat ears and call it a costume). But if that’s way too basic for you, Tana’s got 8 unique halloween costume ideas you won’t be able to find anywhere else. These are the ones that deserve honourable mentions.

Slutty Pennywise the Clown

Throw on that rainbow coloured afro with a red nose, get a honk, and you’re good to go. To woo potential dates, try going for fun pick up lines such as ‘come in my gutter’.

Slutty Bhad Bhabie

Start practicing that exotic ‘ghetto’ accent now and you’ll be the bhaddest bhabbie at the party.

Slutty Pregnant Kylie Jenner

For this iconic look, get a dog, and push a pillow into your form-fitting white dress to create the illusion of a pregnant belly. For added flair, squirt a bottle of water from between your legs to symbolise your water breaking.

Slutty Blunt

“This girl is on fire.”

Slutty Flashback Mary

From the white powdered face to the Starbucks grande, James Charles is quaking.

Watch the entire video below and let us know which was your fav costume.

For more of Tana’s videos, check out her YouTube channel.

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