M’sian Comedians Join In on Diarrhoea Jokes Through Stand-Up Special on Anti-Diarrhoeal Medicine

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Netizens had a field day yesterday when their timelines were filled with toilet humour after the PM’s surprising announcement where he revealed that he was warded because of diarrhoea.

The announcement struck everyone as odd and spawned many memes, even inciting a response from ex-Blink182 member, Tom Delonge.

It seems like the jokes are far from over since local comedians are now joining forces to raise awareness for diarrhoea.

Diarrhoea: The Bad, The Worse, And The Funny | TRP

Nationally-adored Douglas Lim is one of the notable names that will be taking a crack at some stinky jokes on the virtual Take A Stand with Smecta event. He’s best known for his witty, insightful and creative jabs at politics through skits on the Astrazeneca vaccine registration debacle and the Tajuddin train collision tragedy.

Joining him are stellar comedians Joanne Kam, Kavin Jay, and Papi Zak.

These popular local comedians will be 'taking a stand' at this public health awareness event | 2CENTS

In case you didn’t know, Smecta has released a new range of anti-diarrhoeal products, including the caramel-cocoa flavoured SmectaGo oral suspension in sachet which is “ready-to-drink” for people on the go who really need to go. If caramel-cocoa isn’t your thing, a strawberry flavour will be released as well for both adults and children.

Passing the mics instead of passing motion, the comedians will be making us laugh ’till our stomachs hurt at 8pm on July 8. The comedy special is a free event happening on Facebook Live.

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