Netizens & Blink182’s Tom DeLonge React To PM Muhyiddin’s Hospital Admittance For Diarrhoea

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(source: SCMP, SS from Twitter)

This morning Malaysians woke up with a press statement from the Prime Minister’s office stating that the PM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has been hospitalised after suffering from diarrhoea since yesterday (29 June).

Just to refresh, Muhyiddin underwent surgery in Singapore to treat pancreatic cancer back in 2018. He had addressed speculation about his health last year, saying that he was able to do his job well.

The brief statement posted today (30 June) said he is being warded at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur for treatment and observation. Besides that, the PMO did not provide any additional details. It is understood that today’s cabinet meeting was also postponed.

Official press statement by PMO (left), a parody by graphic designer Fahmi Reza. (source: Twitter)

As the press statement hit social media, Malaysians initial reaction was confusion as many thought it was a parody post but when everyone realised it was legit, netizens reacted with two new trending hashtags on Twitter – #KerajaanCirit and #PMCirit.

Check out what some netizens had to say:

Meanwhile, international platforms have also picked up the ‘berak-ing’ news and surprisingly, even ex-member of the iconic pop-punk band, Blink182, Tom Delonge.

Take a look:

And that’s how you end the month of June with a bang…