M’sian Woman Finds Cigarette Butt In Her Nasi Goreng… But Netizens Manage To See The Humour In It

On Saturday (October 8), the case of a woman finding a used bandaid (gag) in her char kuey teow gained traction on Twitter.

Under the same thread, another local Twitter user shared the story of how she received a ‘free gift’- a cigar butt- in her nasi goreng.

“The other day I got a free gift, a cigar butt… Thank God the shopkeeper admitted that it was the cook’s fault. I got my refund, but I’m not fully satisfied. The cleanliness is totally out,” she wrote.

source: Twitter

One netizen pointed out that she has come across a restaurant where the cook would smoke while preparing food and she had to report the instance to the owner.

“If you want to smoke, go ahead, but not while cooking for others,” she wrote.

Others responded to the Tweet with a unanimous voice of concern, disgust and… memes.

While we’re glad that the case didn’t prove harmful and hope that the memes cheered the woman up, there are two valuable lessons to be learnt here:

Avoid smoking while preparing food, and always, always check your nasi goreng for anomalies.