M’sian Boy Draws Impressive Illustrations of Late M’sian Icon, P. Ramlee

If only our beloved seniman was still alive to see this…

8-year-old Rayyan Irfan Chai was featured on JUICE before when he transformed his impressive artworks into phone cases that are still available for you to purchase.

His momma, fellow artist, Noor Sarah Reza, was also featured on our platform for her stunning work that portrays beautifully illustrated women adorned in traditional garments.

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to these two talented artists.

Now, Rayyan has outdone himself yet again by drawing movie snippets of the late Malaysian film and music icon, P. Ramlee. With just an A3 sized sheet of paper, a pencil and a whiteboard marker, he managed to illustrate the pioneer that paved the way for all local artistes that came after him.

Take a look:

Garnering almost 3k retweets and 8k likes, the post which was uploaded to Twitter was celebrated unanimously by netizens.

In a previous chat with JUICE, Sarah gushed about her son by saying,

“As a mother, I’m really touched by the support everyone is showing towards my boy, for I find it very encouraging towards his growth as an artist (for now).”

If you’d like to keep up with Rayyan’s artistic progress, follow his Instagram here.