WATCH: M’sian Artist, Red Hong Yi Sells Her First NFT ‘Doge To The Moon’ For RM325,000

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(source: Soya Cincau)

Just last month, Doge – the image of an excited-looking Shiba Inu considered one of the internet’s most iconic and renowned memes – was sold as a nonfungible token (NFT) for roughly RM16 million, making it the most expensive meme NFT of all time.

Yesterday (11 July), Malaysian artist, Red Hong Yi has sold her first-ever NFT which also features the Doge for 36.3 ETH in a two-week auction. It is equivalent to more than RM325,000 and many are saying that this artwork is probably the most expensive NFT sold by a local artist.

Screenshot of the auction (source: Binance NFT)

According to Soya Cincau, ‘Doge to the Moon’ is her first artwork in a series called Memebank involving spoofing and redesigning banknotes from different countries. This particular piece is based on the Chinese Yuan featuring the popular Doge meme.

The artwork is made out of a large copper plate and there are some interesting details including the Dogecoin logo and the serial number 06122013 which refers to the date dogecoin was created. The successful bidder will be getting a silk print alongside the digital artwork and certificate of ownership.

Red has also clarified that the new owner can print as many ‘Doge to the Moon’ copies as they want. In fact, she encourages them to do so as they will be emphasising her critique of central banks and fiat money as paper money which can always be printed.

As for the huge chunk of moolah, a portion of the proceeds will go to MERCY Malaysia to support the COVID-19 relief fund, and a portion will also go into social and art projects to support the local community.

Take a look at how ‘Doge to the Moon’ was made: