Elon Musk Made A Song About NFT And Plans To Sell It As An NFT

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source: Fortune/ Elon Musk (Twitter)

Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO who wants to colonise Mars, has made a new electronic song about NFT and plans to sell it as an NFT.

NFT – non-fungible tokens are unique and can’t be replaced with something else, unlike Bitcoin, which is fungible and can be traded with another cryptocurrency or plain ol’ money.

According to The Verge, at a very high level, most NFTs are part of Ethereum’s blockchain. Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dodgecoin, but its blockchain also supports NFTs.

You don’t have to break your brain trying to understand what NFTs really are but essentially, NFTs can be anything digital. So far the conversation is around using tech to sell digital art.

It means you can buy or sell anything considered as digital art, like this person who bought a $3,600 Gucci Ghost (see below) and is now selling it at $16,300. Uh… Okay?

source: Trevor Andrew

Earlier this month, Kings of Leon announced that their new album would be sold as an NFT. Being the first band to do so, they are releasing three options so you choose from a special album package, a package that allows live show perks like front-row seats for life, and an exclusive audiovisual art package.

Kings of Leon’s new album will be released as an NFT.

Back to Musk’s song, it doesn’t have an official title yet, but there are clues in the video posted by Musk. The looped video features the word “Vanity Trophy” circling around a golden orb.

The trophy even reads “HODL”, which is short for “hold on for dear life”, an internet slang that’s known in the Bitcoin community and crypto enthusiasts.

This isn’t Musk first song, previously, he put out an EDM song on Soundcloud called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”, which indicates that when he doesn’t do real-life Tony Stark work, he makes e-boi songs for the lols.