WATCH: Reppin’ Klang, Arunboii Raps About The Daily Struggles & Stigma Around Working-Class Indians

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(source: YouTube)

Every country’s got its bad guy stereotypes, but for this Malaysian rapper from Klang, it’s high time Indians like himself were given a break.

Recently, Arunboii’s debut single, ‘Enge Port’ impressively made waves and garnered more than 91,000 views on YouTube in only two weeks. To top it off, the music video is currently circulating TikTok and going viral.

The track revolves around the daily struggles and stigma that many working-class Indians face in Malaysia. According to Malay Mail, it is something that Arunboii knows and has experienced personally – especially how people generalise Indians as thugs just because of the way they look.

(source: YouTube)

“People always say those from Klang are gangsters, that’s why I created this song and the video to depict visually that most of these Indians are just working-class people. First impressions when they see you’re dark they assume you’re a bad person but in reality, we’re just working people.

“I want to show that the optics are wrong and that not all of us are drug dealers,” Arunboii said.

In the video directed by Buddha X, Arun can be seen in handcuffs and prison attire in front of two police cars which he eventually “breaks free” from. In various shots after, he plays different working-class jobs. Lastly, Arun takes on Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s persona.

Pablo Escobar reference shot (source: YouTube)

Commenting on the video’s ending, he said this is where he would have ended up if he had become a criminal and that a lot of people fall into this category where they deify gangsters and underlord kingpins.

“I did that Pablo Escobar scene because people always think Indians are drug dealers. But the truth is if you go down the wrong path, in the end, the authorities will always catch you. That was something I wanted to portray and that temptation is always around the corner and it’s easy to get caught up in it,” Arun explained.

“I however believe there are no shortcuts in life and that’s what my video and song are about. It’s also about unity and if we unite, we can be strong and successful. I feel that in reality many can relate to this,” said the rising rapper.

Watch the music video for ‘Enge Port’, here: