M’sia’s Entry for Oscars ‘Prebet Sapu’ Will Be Available to Stream on Netflix Starting May 1st

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After Prebet Sapu a.k.a Hail Driver! was announced as Malaysia’s entry for the Oscars, the film – despite already receiving a ton of buzz and glowing reviews – became the topic of discussion for most Malaysian moviegoers.

The film is directed by Muzzamer Rahman and stars Amerul Affendi and Mei Fen Lim as the two leads who struggle to find their footing in KL whilst navigating through cultural and societal differences.

Upon its release in theatres, audiences praised the film for its grit, cinematography and accuracy in depicting the plights of everyday Malaysians.

Check out some reviews below:

Unfortunately, since the film was released during the pandemic, it was difficult for a lot of people who were interested in the film to actually go out and watch it.

But now, the director has announced that Prebet Sapu will be available on Netflix for everyone to stream.

Just look at how celebrated the film is based on the response to this announcement:

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