Film Starring Amerul Affendi, ‘Prebet Sapu’ Selected To Represent M’sia At The Oscar’s 2022

Earlier this year, JUICE was excited to announce the release of Malaysian film, Hail, Driver!, or as it’s locally known as, Prebet Sapu. 

The film stars Amerul Affendi alongside other recognisable talents like Mei Fen Lim, Bront Palarae, Nadiya Nisaa, Jay Iswazir and Sharifah Amani.

Directed by Muzzamer Rahman, the film is brimming with timely references to our current political climate and social divide which caused critics to praise it for being “down to Earth” and “impactful.”

Watch the trailer below:

Now, the film has been selected by FINAS to represent Malaysia at the 94th Oscars awards which will take place in Los Angeles on March 27 2022.

The film will be submitted under the Best International Film category similar to Roh, which was submitted this year. 

The films selected by FINAS are usually deliberated with care. According to the members of the industry, “The decision was made after a meticulous assessment process based on the criteria of film such as its direction, narrative, cinematography, acting, sound design, score etc.

“The selection is also based on the film’s adherence to the rules set by the academy itself.”

Other than being submitted for the Oscar’s, Prebet Sapu also represented Malaysia at other international film festivals such as Udine Far East Film Festival, Italy; Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival (JAFF) Indonesia; Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, Canada; Asian Film Festival Barcelona; Spain and Innovative International Film Festival in India.

We wish the film all the success and hopefully, a golden statue!