Miss Universe Malaysia Shows Us How NOT To Apologise After Backlash on Insensitive #BlackLivesMatter Post

source: Oh Bulan

Ever since ex-Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katie James, posted her slew of insensitive opinions regarding the current integral Black Lives Matter movement, she has been getting backlash from all social media platforms.

After a resounding period of silence, she has finally uploaded an apology statement and it is one of the worst we’ve ever seen…

All I hear is wind…

However the third and final slide of her non-apology is the cherry on top of this disastrous cake.

My sentiments have been echoed on Twitter since people have been very generous with their thoughts on Samantha’s new post. Here’s what some of them have to say…

It seems that Samantha’s awful comments have even reached Malaysian starlets such as Yuna, Zee Avi and Henry Golding. They wrote,


And finally, Henry Golding, who really shook the table with his Instagram Story posts.

Despite the negative responses, there are positive tweets in her favour. Here are a few…

However, things seem to be getting worse for the ex-Miss Universe Malaysia because a video has surfaced of her in South Africa, allegedly in 2017 while she was representing our country in the competition, acting violent and belligerently drunk. Watch the video below:

All in all, it’s more apparent than ever that we still have a long way to go in terms of educating ourselves on the racial and political issues taking place across the globe. Samantha’s remarks are a glaring reminder that we need to think before we speak because our words have the ability to hurt so many people.

With that, stay safe and keep educating yourselves and those around you!

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