10 Out of 30 Infected Malaysian Patients in New York Have Died

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(source: Los Angeles Times)

According to The Star, the Malaysia Association of America (MAA) confirmed at least 10 Malaysians living in New York, have died from Covid-19. Its president Kim Bong said two of them were committee members of the association.

“One was a restaurant owner, while the other was infected at the subway. This is a setback,” Kim said in a telephone interview.

Among others who passed away were a Malaysian couple based in Brooklyn, Kim was just notified of their death last week. He said that so far, he knew of about 30 Malaysians who were infected with the deadly virus in New York.

MAA is trying their best to help Malaysian families connect with funeral homes, however, MAA co-chairman Jack Liaw who operates from Queens, stated that due to the staggering number of Covid-19 deaths in NYC, it’s getting harder to find an available funeral service.

(source: New York Times)

“Due to the lockdown, we could not attend their funerals to pay our last respects. It is sad that they lost their lives in a foreign land far from home,” Jack said, adding that the pandemic in Queens is “very bad”.

Kim also highlighted the fact that the problem in New York is that very few people took precautions at the start of the pandemic, such as wearing face masks. “This only came much later,” he said.

For now, MAA has helped by donating face masks to hospitals and sending cooked food to frontline personnel.

A Malaysian residing in NYC holding a box of essential items donated by MAA. (source: The Star)

The number of Covid-19 deaths in the US topped 100,000 yesterday. NY is still the worst state in the country to be hit by the pandemic. It had been reported that there are 364,965 cases and 29,370 deaths in the city alone.

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