WATCH: Hacktivists ‘Anonymous’ Are Back After 3 Years With Plenty of Secrets to Expose

(source: ABC News)

The feared collective of hacktivist, Anonymous is back.

According to Forbes, Anonymous has surfaced to add its voice to those criticising the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of the death of George Floyd on May 25. As the nationwide protests on racism and police violence in the United States escalates, the hackers have released a video that threatens the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to expose their “many crimes to the world.”

While the full video keeps on getting deleted on Youtube, we found it posted on Facebook. Check it out:

Anonymous said that MPD is known for its “horrific track record of violence and corruption” and claimed that the killing of George Floyd was “merely the tip of the iceberg”. The video went on to say that the hackers are acting after “numerous” MPD killings in recent years.

“Sadly, in the vast majority of police killings, the only one left alive to tell the story is the officer who took the person’s life… This travesty has gone on for far too long and now the people have had enough,” the Anonymous narrator explained.

(source: Fox News)

The MPD’s website has been taken down completely over the weekend – a move being attributed to Anonymous. Although the website is back on again, it now requires all visitors to pass “captcha” tests to ensure they’re human.

As the protest is still going on, many have claimed that Anonymous has been ‘hacking’ the police’s radios too.

Meanwhile, on a Twitter page @YourAnonCentral, Anonymous has released a document named ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book’. The leaked document names Naomi Campbell along with Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Phil Collins, Prince Andrew, Dustin Hoffman, Chris Tucker and Tony Blair, among others, as those involved in Epstein’s sex ring.

It also includes leaked pictures wherein Trump and Epstein are seen enjoying themselves at a party and this…

Ghislaine Maxwell – Epstein’s Assistant, Naomi Campbell, Melania Trump and Donald Trump (source: Twitter)

The documents also reveals that a woman filed a complaint against Trump and Epstein stating that they raped her when she was 13 years old. Anonymous pulled out all these receipts and wrote,

“You had Jeffrey Epstein killed to cover up your history of child trafficking and rape.”

However, since they have been active, some tweets of Anonymous ‘exposing’ the said people have been disappearing off Twitter. Luckily, netizens had already saved and taken screenshots of it.

If you’re lost regarding the Epstein case, Netflix recently released a docu-series titled, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. It depicts the convicted child sex offender and sex trafficker’s crimes against young women as he, along with other men in power ran an international sex trafficking ring. Ever since it’s been aired, it has created quite a stir online.

The feared collective of hacktivists have largely remained silent in recent years. Anonymous are already part of internet culture, with their signature Guy Fawkes masks and the ending phrase of “We are legion, expect us” being treated with a considerable amount of caution by official departments.

You can check out what the group has done throughout the years on this Twitter thread:

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