Minty-fresh or Spicy-tang? Hot Pot Flavoured Toothpaste Sells Out In China

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source: sinology, ziggy_mars (iStock)

Picture this; you walk into a grocery store, basket in one hand, your shopping list in the other, and head to the mundane aisle that has stacks of toothpastes aligned. With a sigh, you prepare yourself for the blasé selection: mint, lemon, lemon and mint, minty lime etc. but then something catches your eye. Alas, a unique contender… hot pot!

With an array of spiciness levels that range from little spicy, medium spicy and (interestingly enough) hentai spicy, the new variants are making waves on social media.


A Twitter user discovered this maddening concoction, stating that the flavours were so out-of-the-ordinary that she had to order it for herself:

Personally, the choice of switching from minty fresh breath to hentai spicy rancidness sounds a little unappealing but maybe as a gag gift, this could pan out perfectly… Or if you’re just reallyyy into tasting hot pot on your tongue for the rest of the day.

Cutting to the chase, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly hentai spicy means because I know I was intrigued upon initial discovery. Well, hentai spicy is when the toothpaste has such a strong tanginess to it that it stimulates your- umm- nerve endings. On the same vein, maybe you would wanna accompany your toothpaste with a hot pot condom?

Ahh, us earthlings are heading closer to damnation…

You, after brushing your teeth with this toothpaste (source:

As the headline suggests, this brand of toothpaste has sold out completely in China since the demand has been overwhelming (I know… how can toothpaste be so sought after?) However, while this Chinese toothpaste brand did push the boundaries of toothpaste-flavour, it did not pioneer the weird flavoured toothpaste genre. On the contrary, there are several other options for you, if you’re into that kind of thing. Here are a few of the ones that caught my eye…

1. Takoyaki toothpaste


2. Wasabi toothpaste


3. And for you Western folk, here’s Bacon toothpaste


I can’t help but wonder… since it’s Ramadhan, would it be cheating if we brushed our teeth with these?

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