10-Year Old Boy Punched a Crocodile in the Eye to Escape its Jaws

source: Flickr/ Harian Metro

With sheer willpower and survival instinct, a 10-year old boy managed to save himself by punching a crocodile in the eye thus escaping the beast’s jaws.

As reported by Harian Metro, the incident took place at around 3 pm at Sungai Imam, Kampung Bombalai in Tawau, Sabah. The boy went down to the river to move his uncle’s canoe used for fishing and as he stepped into the waters, he was suddenly dragged into the river.

The victim struggled to escape its jaws before resorting to punching the crocodile’s body and eyes, forcing the reptile to release its bite before he was rescued by family members who were on site.

One of his family members, who only wished to be known as Din, 34, said that after learning about the incident, the boy was rushed to Hospital Tawau for treatment. The boy suffered a flesh wound and had no other serious injuries.

“As a result of the crocodile’s bite, his right thigh was torn. The victim is in stable condition and is receiving further treatment at the hospital,” he said.

The location of the crocodile attack at Sungai Imam, Kampung Bombalai. source: Harian Metro

Tawau Wildlife Department (JHL) officer Sailun Aris confirmed the incident when contacted by Harian Metro.

“After the incident, we sent a team of officers to the location for an investigation before deciding to set up a trap,” he said. In addition to the trap, Daily Express reported that the department will also put up warning signs in the area.

“This is the first case of a crocodile attacking the residents in the area, but we have previously received reports of sightings of the animal,” he said.

We wish the brave boy a speedy recovery!

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