VIDEO: Kelantanese Woman Found a Crocodile in Her Yard & Hugged it

(source: Free Malaysia Today)

JUST when you thought your backyard was safe… think again. Most people would run away if they encountered a wild crocodile in the vicinity of their home, but this story took on a bizarre yet heartwarming (or heart-freezing depending on your phobias) turn.

The exact situation really happened to this Kelantanese women but what she did next was unexpected..


According to Harian Metro, last Monday, 22-year old Azy Nadia Aziz was seen in her home cuddling the crocodile like it’s a plush toy. Yes, the picture above is of a REAL living, breathing, wild crocodile.

Azy’s house is located in Panji, Kota Bahru near a river and it was believed that the crocodile entered into her home from there. When Azy discovered the crocodile chilling in her backyard at around 6.30pm, the first thing she decided to do was to pick it up and bring it inside.


Azy claimed that the wild animal looked tamed and assumed it was safe. She said, “I saw the crocodile not moving and not aggressive, so I caught it and brought it into the house.”

Before she released it back into the wild, she decided to take some pictures and videos of her and her new friend. Azy is also seen in the video stroking the crocodile like it’s a cat! Whew, the bravery (though we don’t recommend anyone to do this at all! #NOpetcrocodilechallenge pls).

Check out the clip below of Azy and her new friend:

Whether you found this scary, cute or weirdly inspiring, let us give you a gentle reminder that wild animals belong in the wild. Unless your intentions are focused on conservation, please do not keep wild animals like pet. It’s bad for us and for them! Even Azy (who we’d assume could be a contender for the next Miss Kelantan–if there’s such a thing–she could win the congeniality segment) released it back!

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