Masks Stay On During Sex, Says Thailand Health Authorities On Valentine’s Day Activities

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With couples worldwide celebrating the day of love that is Valentine’s Day, the health authorities in Thailand released a reminder for love birds in the country to practice Covid-19 SOPs, even during sex.

As reported by The Straits Times, Thai health authorities have asked couples to practice safe-pandemic-sex this Valentine’s Day and wear extra protection by masking up during intercourse.

Daily coronavirus case numbers in the South-east Asian tourism hub have climbed from about 8,000 at the start of the month to almost double in the past fortnight.

Source: TST

With daily Covid-19 cases in Thailand on the rise recently, Thai health authorities have expressed concerns that Valentine’s Day could further worsen the case spike. Thailand Bureau of Reproductive Health director Bunyarit Sukrat asserted,

“Covid-19 isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, but catching Covid-19 is possible through close-contact breathing and exchanging saliva.

“If possible, wearing face masks while having sex can help reduce Covid-19 risks.”

Dr Bunyarit also recommends couples to perform antigen tests before their date night to prevent spreading Covid-19 to their partner.

Furthermore, they are also urged to avoid ‘face-to-face sex positions and deep kissing’ and use contraceptives if they are not planning to get pregnant.

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Valentine’s Day is a popular celebration in Thailand with many considering it an auspicious day to tie the knot. There are often long queues at marriage registration offices such as in the Bangkok district of Bang Rak, roughly translated to ‘love district’ in Thai.

Well, the advice by Thailand health authorities is also applicable to couples in Malaysia, so please stay safe today from the Covid-19 virus or any other virus or health risks for that matter.

The only illness that should be spreading today is the love bug.

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