Marvel at Comic Con: ‘Wakanda Forever’ Trailer Finally Drops & Multiverse Plans with Two Avengers Films Revealed

(source: Marvel)

Marvel Studios just tore the San Diego Comic-Hall Con’s H’s roof off, returning to the convention for the first time since 2019 with a tonne of new glimpses at what will be appearing on both large and small screens for the MCU!

Recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige unveiled Phase 5 of the MCU at Comic-Con that happened last weekend. He announced a slew of Marvel superhero movies including two new Avengers films, as it offered screaming fans an emotional first glimpse at its upcoming Black Panther sequel.

Returning director Ryan Coogler stepped on stage with a colourful troupe of African drummers and dancers, and paid an emotional tribute to the first film’s star, the “late, great Chadwick Boseman.”

Boseman died from cancer in 2020, and no actor is scheduled to replace his role in the new film.

“I promise you, I can feel his hand on me right now. Chad is no longer with us physically, but his spirit, his passion, his genius, his pride in his culture, and the impact he made on this industry will be felt forever,” Ryan said.

Tenoch Huerta’s Namor, who is the mutant offspring of an Atlantean princess and a human sea captain, will also make his debut in Wakanda Forever. Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Angela Bassett and Winston Duke are all set to return and Dominique Thorne debuts as Riri Williams, a genius inventor and apparently heir to Tony Stark who becomes Ironheart.

There has been a lot of doubt and anxiety swirling around the film for obvious reasons, but the masterfully constructed clip goes a long way toward settling any unease. Check out the trailer here: 

Before that though, Kevin announced that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars will hit theatres in 2025. The movies will aim to follow in the footsteps of Avengers: Endgame, which built unprecedented hype by rounding off storylines presented in all the preceding Marvel films.

The next saga of more than a dozen connected movies and television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be wrapped up by the two new Avengers blockbusters.

“That will complete the second saga of the MCU, which of course is The Multiverse Saga,” he said.

The “multiverse” concept, popularised by superhero comic books, where infinite universes and versions of each hero and villain can exist in parallel realities, has been explored by the Marvel franchise in recent movies and television shows.

(source: LA Times)

Besides that, Kevin announced that the following projects will compromise Phase 5: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (in theatres Feb 17, 2023), Secret Invasion (on Disney+ in Spring 2023), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. (in theatres May 6, 2023), Echo (Disney+, Summer 2023) Loki Season 2 (on Disney+ Summer 2023), The Marvels (in theatres July 28, 2023), Blade (in theatres Nov 3, 2023), Ironheart (Disney+, Fall 2023), Agatha: Coven of Choas (Disney+ in winter 2023/2024), Daredevil: Born Again (Disney+ in Spring 2024), Captain America: New World Order (in theatres May 3, 2024), and finally Thunderbolts (in theatres July 26, 2024).

Phew… That was a lot and we are here for it!