WATCH: Expat’s Stunning TikTok Video Featuring KL City Makes Netizens Compare It To New York

source: Instagram/ @chris.heda

With multiple high-rise buildings, bustling roads and nightlife, as well as lights illuminating every corner, KL city is beginning to resemble the iconic streets of New York- or at least, netizens think so.

This came after a simple yet astonishing TikTok video went viral, encompassing quick and captivating frames of the Twin Towers, the Bukit Bintang area, the KL Tower, Pavillion KL and high-angle shots of the city by night.

Here’s the clip, shot and published by self-proclaimed trader and traveller Chris Heda, who is currently residing and working in Kuala Lumpur:

@chris.heda The city that never sleeps. #fyp #kualalumpur #lifestyle ♬ Empire State of mind transition by Altegomusic – ALTÉGO

Watch here if the video does not load.

The 16-second video that was posted on May 30 earned over 60,000 likes, with most of the comments unanimously stating that Chris somehow managed to up the amp and portray the city in such a way that it was almost unrecognisable to locals…

More specifically, netizens claimed that at a glance, the city looked more like New York.

Some even said that the quality of the clip was so exquisite that they felt they had landed on “TikTok Premium”, to which Chris replied that KL itself was a premium place to live in.

“I’m not comparing KL to any other city. This is just an appreciation video I made,” said the traveller in the video’s comments section.

Of course, netizens may have also subconsciously tied the two cities together due to the audio of Jay Z’s Empire State Of Mind playing in the background. Even so, the high definition and time lapse frames incorporated in the clip definitely add to KL’s existing allure.

Also, this isn’t Chris’s only incredible portrayal of his adventures in the city. Take a look at how he captured his stay at W Hotel, located in the heart of the Golden Triangle- Kuala Lumpur’s main shopping and nightlife district:

@chris.heda Kuala Lumpur : Like you have never seen it before 😎 #fyp #kualalumpur #forexlifestyle ♬ original sound – Stuckinvogue

Click here if the video does not load.

The man really knows his angles. Remind me to book him for my wedding shoot. 🤭