Man Was Forced To Sell His Brand New PS5 When Wife Found Out It Wasn’t A Purifier

There hasn’t been a shortage of raucous memes circulating the internet when it comes to the latest launch of the PS5. From customers pre-ordering the console and getting sent random items like cat food and rice to the popping Instagram filter that makes it look like your order came early, the PS5 has taken the world by storm.

However, for one unfortunate soul, the PS5 has apparently driven a wedge in his marriage.





Posted by Jin Wu on Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Taiwanese man by the name of Jin Wu posted on Facebook to share a rather peculiar encounter he had with a PS5 reseller. Jin Wu was excited to be making the purchase since the price was listed much cheaper than others.

When he called the seller, he was surprised to hear a female voice on the other end. Jin Wu stated that she “didn’t sound like she played games” which aroused suspicion. However, he was too thrilled with the affordable price to give it much thought.

Jin Wu was shocked to meet with a man instead of the woman from the phone call. According to him, the man definitely looked like he played games. They struck up a conversation and it turns out the man had a sad story to tell.

My woman eyes can’t tell the difference… smh

During the conversation, Jin Wu found out that the man was actually forced to sell his PS5 after an unsuccessful attempt at tricking his wife into thinking it was an air purifier. He said,

“When my wife found out, she wanted me to sell it.”

Jin Wu noted that the man looked heartbroken to have to sell his PS5. I guess this was the biggest ultimatum for him: A living, breathing wife or a hunk of plastic to play games on…

This whole situation reminds me of this veteran meme…

Looks like, contrary to popular belief, women are still capable of telling the difference between a game console and an air purifier. Who would’ve thought?

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