A Malaysian Woman Wearing Tudung is a Playable Character in New Sci-fi Game, ‘Hyper Scape’

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French video game company, Ubisoft, is going to feature a Malaysian woman as one of the characters in its upcoming science-fiction first-person shooter (FPS) game, Hyper Scape.

According to the Hyper Scape fandom page, the Malaysian woman, Noor Casulink, is interestingly a champion in the game and her real name is Noor Azimah Binti Yusof, a 23-year-old who resides in Kuala Lumpur but her hometown is listed in Pekan Pahang. Damn, we even know her hometown!

( Source : The Star)

Set in the year of 2054, which is the urban future, the high-tech fictional technology company, Prisma Dimensions, transports users into a metaverse-style virtual world known as the Hyper Scape. For modern sci-fi fans, it’s similar to the OASIS in the movie Ready Player One. With that, residents of the Hyper Scape world usually compete in a competitive sport known as the “Crown Rush”.

In the game, Noor’s character is popular amongst women in the “Global South” which is the game’s version of South East Asia. Her fame is akin to that of Yuna’s, for she is even known as the “Face of Southeast Asia”. She’s even won a reality-TV competition deeming her a, “VR Remaja”, a title she rejected because it diminishes ethnic diversity in the region. Sounds like this game is going to be woke…

( Source : Kakuchoprei)

At the same time, Noor is also best known as a fashionista and makes most of her income from variety streaming, which is highly competitive and dependent on the performer’s ability to distinguish themselves. Also, her character is seen to be wearing an orange and grey jumpsuit and a colourful headscarf, wrapped like a turban.

All in all, it’s great (and a little troubling) that Dewi Remaja is still alive and well in 30 years to come. Also a huge kudos to Ubisoft is in order for making a Malaysian Champion player in Hyper Scape, thus diversifying the game industry.

If you’re interested in playing the game, it is free-t0-play and available on PC, Playstation and Xbox. You can get it here.

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