Man Shares Glamorous Retro Images of His Former Pop Star Grandma From The 1950s & Beyond!

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You’d probably agree that losing a family member, blood-related or otherwise, is one of the biggest pains that every person will unfortunately go through at some point of time. While it might be difficult to even picture the thought of losing a loved one, every single one of us living right now is fortunate enough to be able to preserve the memories of a lost loved one through the power of photography.

A photo from New Years Eve 2013. source: Bored Panda

Boredpanda community member – Johnny Quan had just lost his grandmother Teresa Leung to natural causes and discovered a collection of vintage photos from when his grandma was much younger.

The collection featured photos taken from the 1940s all the way into the ’60s so prepare to be stunned by these beautiful photographs of a young Teresa and get ready for a blast into her glitzy past…

She always dressed up beautifully and rubbed shoulders with famous movie stars:

One look at these well-preserved black and white photos and you can instantly tell that Teresa was turning plenty of heads based on how well she used to dress.

Not only did she dress sharp, but the company she kept were mostly rich and influential figures of the time. The photographs below show her mingling in a crowd with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Run Run Shaw.

source: Bored Panda

Teresa was a well-known pop singer singed to EMI Records in Shanghai. Growing up, she experienced many hardships during the Chinese Civil War, Sino-Japanese War during World War 2 and the Communist Revolution.

source: Facebook

After her style of music was deemed “pornographic” by the Chinese government, she fled to Hong Kong to resume her singing career, then moved again to Singapore but eventually settled in San Fransisco for the most part.

The photos above depict three generations of Teresa’s family. The one on the left was a photo which Teresa took with her mother (or Johnny’s great grandmother). The picture on the right shows a slightly more mature-looking Teresa cradling her young daughter who is also Johnny’s mother.

source: Facebook

Despite her passing, Teresa’s family members can look back on these photos to keep her memory alive. Every photo tells a different story and judging from the ones in this post alone, it definitely looks like Teresa lived her life to the fullest!

source: Facebook

Visit Johnny Quan’s Facebook profile for a more detailed look at this photo collection.

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