‘Korban Kasih’ Actress Ezzaty Abdullah Starts Prawn Mee Business to Pay for Spa Employees’ Salaries

source: ABC News

Businesses all over the world are dealing with the adverse effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. While these changes severely affect employees and potentially leaves them without a job, business owners also have to deal with a myriad of stressful responsibilities such as providing workers’ salaries in addition to handling employee layoffs.

On that same note, there are a handful of business owners who go the extra mile to provide for their employees by taking matters into their own hands.

source: mStar

Local actress Ezzaty Abdullah recently started a small prawn mee business to generate income for the salaries of workers at a spa she owns, which had put operations on hold due to the MCO. She initially started the business for fun and was surprised when orders for her prawn mee started pouring in after advertising it on her Instagram page.

Within ten minutes she received over 60 orders which startled her to the point that she had to take the original post down. Out of the 60 orders placed, Ezzaty only accepted 35 of them as she wasn’t sure that she’d be able to fulfil every single order.

In her latest Instagram post uploaded a day ago, Ezzaty shared a picture of herself posing beside stacks of her prawn mee that had already been packaged, stating in the caption that she prepared 124 packs to be sent out.

Ezzaty told mStar that “artistes haven’t been generating much income despite myself owning a spa which will remain inoperable until the lockdown has been completely lifted.”

source: mStar

The Korban Kasih actress noted that she and her husband have been struggling with figuring out a plan to payoff their employees before deciding to cook and sell prawn mee.

Kudos to the both of them for taking care of their workers by starting a side business. We’re not sure whether she’s still taking any more orders, but you could try your luck by sending her a DM on Instagram.

source: New Straits Times

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