Man Fined RM900 For “Shooting” Two Rubber Bands in S’pore, Netizens React..

(source: Straits Times)

It’s a known fact that you do not mess with Singapore when it comes to public littering. The island-nation has been known to be strict on litterers, but we didn’t expect it to be THIS strict. According to The Star, on 27 May, a man was fined S$300 (RM913) by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) for littering after two rubber bands that he “shot” landed on a public road.

Photos of the ticket issued by NEA for the offence of “you did throw rubber band in a public place” were posted on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page over the weekend, and subsequently went viral. The offence allegedly took place at Jurong East Central 1.

(source: SAYS)

The NEA told Channel News Asia that they observed the man as he was walking towards his vehicle while shooting two rubber bands one after the other.

“The rubber bands landed on the public road. Our officers thus informed him of the littering offence and issued him an enforcement ticket,” the agency said.

They continued by stating that, “We would like to remind the public that littering has environmental consequences, and keeping our environment clean by not littering is a gracious and socially responsible thing to do.”

The man faces a maximum penalty of SGD10,000 (RM30,445) or jail term if the fine is not paid by 8 July.

Netizens couldn’t help but react to the viral photos by making jokes of Singapore’s strict littering laws. Check some of ’em out:

(source: SAYS)

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