Ipoh City Councel Defends Action of Shooting Dog in Viral Video

(source: The Star)

According to The Star, the Ipoh City Council(ICC) is standing by its action in the shooting and killing of a stray dog. Recently, a viral video circulated social media where an Ipoh City Hall worker was seen shooting a dog in a housing estate. Many netizens were outraged upon seeing the horrific two-minute clip.

This incident took place in Pengkalan Gate on 22 May, Wednesday. In the video, the council worker shoots the dog, and as it lies writhing on the ground for a while, shoots it for the second time.

It is believed that the video was filmed by a resident who was feeding the dog daily. The resident’s voice can be heard in the background telling off the council worker for not sparing the dog’s life.

In a statement published on ICC’s Facebook page, they defended their action as they had always been consistent in their enforcement efforts on dog ownership, including actions on strays.

“The team was brought there by a resident after getting a report that a stray dog had attacked a goat and an army personnel (member). One dog was put down there to resolve the complaint,” they stated, adding that the method used was according to the standard operating procedure under the Dog Licensing Bylaw.

(source: The Star)

Independent animal rescuer Joanne Low said this was a clear propagation of cruelty against dogs. She then continued by saying that killing stray dogs to bring down the population was a method that was proven to be a failure. Instead, the number of street dogs is now increasing.

Malaysian Animal Welfare Association founder Mukunnan Sugumaran agreed with Low and said local authorities throughout the country must try other methods. Mukunnan urged the authorities to stop wasting public money on a failed method and should opt for the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) method practiced by animal welfare groups.

With the TNRM method, not only will it help with the population of stray dogs but it can also be an effective tool to combat rabies. Under TNRM, the dogs will be neutered and vaccinated against parvovirus and distemper, as well as given rabies jabs.

That sounds like a win-win situation for everyone.

You can watch the video(warning: graphic content) by clicking, here.

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