Need a Friend? Rent-A-Buddy App Has Launched in Singapore

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Visual representation of your weekends (source: Youtube/EIGHTY SIXED)

Have you ever had to face the sad challenge of texting each and every one of your friends to schedule a hang-out just to be rejected by all of them? It’s truly depressing but of course, being adults, everyone has their own lives and our free time is no longer aligned with our closest friends. So, instead of drowning your sorrows at home, alone, under the covers, with Netflix playing in the background of your crying, maybe you could try out Singapore’s newest app called, Maybe.


No, this is not Tinder disguised as its friendly, unassuming little brother. Maybe is unique for being a genuine app specifically for platonic friendships only so, no risky business is allowed.

However, unlike the aforementioned dating heavyweight, Maybe is not free. In fact, to go out on these buddy-dates, you have to pay a fee that ranges from S$60-S$200 (RM182-RM609). Pretty hefty price, if you ask me…

In all fairness, Maybe seems to be a very strict and safe app with rules that govern the behaviour of both parties involved. We’re all aware of how creepy some people can be (especially those who are paying for another human to spend time with them) so Maybe has got us covered with guidelines, the most important being no physical contact between the two users. This rule completely eliminates the idea that Maybe could potentially masquerade as a sleazy escort service since it is a rent-a-human type deal.


Other than that, the app ensures that you’re not just going out with random people who might have ill intentions. On the contrary, the people you can hang-out with are selected by Maybe and have extensive descriptions on themselves (age, height, interests, availability) as well as pictures and their rates. This way you’ll know everything about your buddy before you step foot into that cafe, bar, cinema, karaoke booth or wherever else you wish to spend your time at.

This ultimately means no catfishing! Sorry, Nev Schulman…

Still feeling apprehensive? No worries. If you have a friend who’s free, you can invite them to the date too and split the fee with them. According to Maybe, “The more the merrier!”

Finally, the feature that is the most important, your date cannot bail on you at the last minute like your real friends do! So, no arguing over Whatsapp about how you waited 2 hours in the restaurant before you get that dreaded text that reads, “Wei, sorry doh, I kena FFK la…

But, if you yourself want to cancel due to any emergencies or pressing matters, you can. You will get a refund if you cancel within the 3 hour period but once exceeded, the refund will only be 50%.

It’s 2019! If you don’t have real friends, rent ’em!

To try Maybe, head on over to the App Store or Play Store!

Main image: Screenshot from the Netflix show, Easy.

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