A Chinese Man Pooped-Out His Airpods and It Still Works!

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source: 9to5mac.com

Airpods have been highly sought after since its release in 2016. Making a name for itself within the realms of pop culture and social media, Airpods have been deemed as the ‘elitist’ of all earphone devices. I mean, of course because the few who do own Airpods never want you to forget about it. I understand completely though because why wouldn’t you want people to know that you spent RM439 on a pair of tiny earphones?

In the case of this Chinese man, he definitely didn’t want his hard earned money to go to waste after he had accidentally swallowed one of his Airpods while sleeping.

source: asiawire

The man named Ben Hsu woke up and discovered that he only had one earbud plugged in, the other missing. After searching around his house, he decided to use the iPhone tracking feature that helps find your earphones, a great feature since Airpods are impossibly small and give me anxiety every time I see them only because I know that if I were to ever own them, they would go missing in a split-second.

Hsu immediately heard a beeping sound everywhere he went. He came to the realisation that the missing Airpod was inside him, specifically in his stomach.

edited. original source: yourbariatricsurgeryguide.com

Despite not feeling any discomfort, Hsu went to the hospital where the attendants gave him laxatives to help him pass the expensive earphones. After a couple of days, Hsu relieved himself at a nearby public restroom and the two were reunited. He even filmed the entire process of digging through his poop (without gloves! smh) before finally pulling out the coveted Airpods. The lengths we go through for our prized possessions…

Apple has not commented on this amazing discovery that Airpods are not only waterproof but it can also undergo our stomach acid! I guess you can say the durability justifies the price but still… RM439 to inconspicuously listen to some Taylor Swift on the train? I still don’t think that’s worth it.

source: cinemaholicsbox.tumblr.com

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that we can use Hsu’s experience as a testament to how indestructible the earphones are. Maybe one day, Airpods might pull a Love, Death and Robots and become sentient, taking over the world, ruling our government and leading us to a better harmonic world.

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