M’sian Man Poses As Female Gynaecologist & Scams 35 Women Into Sending Him 919 Nude Photos

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Just when we thought we’ve heard all the repulsive stories about men being pigs (I feel sorry for pigs), another one rises to the occasion.

A Malaysian man was jailed yesterday for creating multiple fake profiles, posing as a female gynaecologist to trick women into sending him nudes.

According to Malay Mail, Ooi Chuen Wei, duped 35 women into sending him over 900 videos and images of their private parts.

He was sentenced to 40 months in jail on 26 October after pleading guilty to 6 charges of cheating by impersonation, with another 15 charges taken into consideration.

Apparently, he had been doing this since 2016. But how did it start, and how has he gotten away with it for so long?

Gleneagles Hospital
Source: Gleneagles SG

6 years ago, he created a fake Facebook account under the name Dr Janice Lee Yan Hooi, and started befriending both men and women to make it look legitimate. He also created an Instagram and LinkedIn account with similar profile details.

Between 2018 and 2021, he would reach out to his potential victims on social media platforms under the alias and drove the narrative that ‘she’ was a gynaecologist from Gleneagles Medical Centre.

‘Dr Janice’ would then send a template in Mandarin stating the intention of sharing a medical plan that had been approved by Gleneagles pertaining to the victim’s breasts and vagina.

The 37-year-old scammer would send out a fake survey to his victims to fill up, revealing personal details such as their sex lives. After which he would response with ‘advice’ on breast and vaginal care.

He then instructed victims on how to conduct massages on their private parts, and asked for before-and-after pictures and videos, saying it was for the purpose of suggesting treatment.

There were a total of 919 photos and videos sent directly to Dr Janice.

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Fortunately, one of the victims became suspicious and did some research of her own. She realised there was no gynaecologist by the name of Dr Janice at Gleneagles.

She lodged an electronic police report from Malaysia to the Singapore Police on 24 July last year saying she had fallen prey to a scam where a person impersonated a doctor to get her nude pictures.

The police raided Ooi’s home and seized his devices. He admitted to all his offences during investigations, and revealed the details of his plan. He said he knew the victims would be alarmed and humiliated if they knew he wasn’t a woman.

There’s has been no evidence to suggest that Ooi had circulated the pictures and videos he received.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) R Arvindren told the court that at least 35 women believed his lies and sent him photos of their genitals, either over email or the WeChat messaging platform.

According to SCMP, one victim sent him 34 photos and 11 videos on 14 occasions between January and October last year.

Jail for Malaysian man in Singapore who posed as female gynaecologist to receive nude pictures
Source: Malay Mail

On Wednesday, the prosecutor sought at least 44 months’ jail. He described it as a telemedicine ruse and argued that Ooi showed a high degree of premeditation and planning.

In mitigation, Ooi’s defence counsel, Lee Terk Yang, told Deputy Principal District Judge Luke Tan that there was no physical contact between his client and the victims.

He also pleaded that Ooi lost his job last year and broke up with his “soon-to-be fiancée”. He also could not return to Malaysia to visit his family and lives in a rented flat in Singapore.

“In the last one year, his life has been in limbo. He is a changed man – he is repentant and we humbly ask you to take this into consideration in giving him mercy,” added Lee.

What did you think of this case? Is the jail sentence enough because he never had physical contact with his victims, or should the penalty be higher solely for impersonating a doctor to fulfil his own twisted pleasures?