5 Ghoulishly Fun Ways To Spend Your Halloween This Year

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Are you ready for spooky szn? I know I am. That being said, I don’t really have any plans for Halloween this year. A couple invites to some parties here and there but nothing set in stone.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do but instead of just keeping those suggestions to myself, I’d much rather share them with all of you. Let’s cross out the most obvious plan starting with:

1) Partying

source: Hype Malaysia

Whether you’re headed to a house party or club I think this is what first comes to mind EVERY SINGLE HALLOWEEN. Tak boring ke? For me personally – tak, so I’m good.

Not the partying kind? Prefer a little intimacy? Maybe you could benefit from:

2) Dating at supernatural-themed venues

source: HAUNTU

Ain’t no fun if the couples can’t have none! You can take your partner for a seductively spooky night out to a multitude of places. There’s this cool haunted house experience thing (think Escape Room but with ghosts) called Hauntu.

There’s also Sunway Lagoon’s annual Nights of Fright if you’re up for more haunted houses and amusement rides. The huge crowds might suck but you could still have some very intimate moments while going on every ride.

Just trust me on this one.

source: Eat Drink KL

Not in the mood for games? Alright Casanova/Cleopatra, how bout you wine and dine your special someone instead. Check out this bar called The Deceased located at Jalan Sultan around Chinatown.

The venue is fully decorated with everything and anything scary. Joss sticks, voodoo dolls, old obituaries of real people and this extremely creepy mannequin which is a little too Uncanny Valley for my liking:

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Either way, I’ve been told by multiple friend circles that their cocktails SMACK though I can’t confirm this as I’ve never been, but maybe you can.

Now let’s get a little wild, and I mean that literally. If you’ve outgrown spending your Halloweens in the city, go ahead and kick things up a notch.

I mean we are in Malaysia after all so you could just drive out a bit and head into:

3) The Jungle

source: YouTube

Oh boy, you gotta have some cojones to go with this plan (I’m superstitious). But think of all the fun things you could do though!

Imagine this:

You and a group of friends dressed up like a rag-tag bunch of misfit djinns, telling each other the scariest ghost stories around a campfire while roasting marshmallows or barbecuing some meat.

source: mStar

When you wake up the next day you can wash all that sh*t off your face at a nearby river (if there is one). Oh and did I mention, the PHOTO OPPS? Nature makes everything 10x more beautiful so snap away.

But who’s that in the white gown though sandwiched in between y’all all the way in the back? Oh… never mind.

4) Ghost-hunting

source: CariGold

Aiyoo. This one’s for the SUPER thrill-seekers. If you’re considering this, just be prepared. I’m not too sure you’ll find any treats doing this one but hey if that’s what you’re into, go for it.

There’s a whole story we did regarding the photo above. Real messed up stuff. And this is just one of many locations in KL alone.

Then you’ve got the Mona Fandey house and countless creepy looking abandoned mansions at Bukit Tunku – all with their own eerie backstories.

source: Buasir Otak

Personally, I don’t suggest doing this unless there’s someone in the group who’s more spiritually in-tune, even if you don’t believe in the supernatural.

If it’s not a jump-scare from a vengeful spirit, you might get injured just trying to manoeuvre the actual bando (abandoned house) so bring someone along who knows their stuff.

5) Stay In

Some of you might probably be tilting your heads in confusion right about now. Yes, staying in alone during Halloween is a valid option if you didn’t know that already – you party animal you.

This one’s for y’all, introverts. Horror movie binges and eerie games galore for the homebody!

You could play with ouija boards, do the Charlie-Charlie thing and binge the entire SAW series or something more local depending on your preference.

source: OhBulan

Apart from the first two suggestions, I’m not condoning any of this. But why don’t you give these a shot then send us some videos of your spooky shenanigans on Halloween to our social media pages.

We just might repost it if it’s scary or cool enough.

In the meantime, here’s a spooky little tune you might be familiar with to get you into the festive Halloween mood: