[WATCH] U.S. Startup Alef To Launch Flying Car That Costs RM1.4mil in 2025

source: Tenor

The future is here y’all!

Well, almost at least. And here I was thinking that I wouldn’t be alive to see flying cars at all. Thankfully, Californian-based startup – Alef Aeronautics, just unveiled their first prototype flying car dubbed the ‘Model A’.

As the title suggests, Alef is planning to release their futuristic flying machine sometime in the year 2025. The company’s goal behind this venture is to entirely revolutionise the transportation industry… for a price of course.

source: Reuters

As of right now, the Model A is priced at a whopping $300,000 (RM1,421,100). Might take some time before I can get one myself, but a lot can happen in 3 years so who knows.

With the company’s two design centres located in the Silicon Valley, it only made sense for the Alef Model A to be showcased alongside two variants of Alef’s original flying car prototypes at a Draper University press conference in San Mateo, California.

source: Cnet

What we know so far is that the Model A will be fitted with eight state-of-the-art propellers that will allow it to take flight in the following months, and the company will spend on tweaking and perfecting the car.

This sleek automobile looks like something straight out of a comic book (in a good way). If you’re ballin and are planning to get one, know that you’d have the ability to drive both on-road and fly over traffic when it gets too congested.

source: Cnet

Shocked by the price tag?

Fret not as Alef’s CEO, Jim Dukhovny (pictured above), claims that by 2030 the company will release a more affordable variant dubbed the ‘Model Z’ which would retail at $35,000 (RM165,795) and would only require a drone license to operate.

Get a closer look at Alef’s flying car in the video below: