Local Woman Spartan Kicks Cheating Husband & Lady of the Night

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Ah, marriage. When two souls come together in holy matrimony and only until death do they part… Unless of course, your husband’s a two-timing cheater who frequents whorehouses instead of spending time at home and fulfilling his spousal duties.

Such was the case for Ayu Palola, a Malaysian woman who caught her not-so-sneaky husband, pants-down in a seedy hotel with a barely-clothed lady who definitely wasn’t there to “just chat”.

According to a Facebook post made by Ayu, she knew something fishy was going on with her significant other and tried to bear with it but understandably, had enough of his cheating ways. Ayu concocted a plan to slowly expose her partner’s scandalous deeds.

Somehow she managed to get her hands on a text exchange between her husband and a pimp. I hope Kitty’s kitty was worth it because Ayu gave them both a smackdown whilst demonstrating her sheer power in delivering gnarly spartan kicks.

Check the full video of the confrontation below:
(DISCLAIMER: Contains explicit content)

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