Malaysian Woman Finds Her ‘Baby’ Hanging Out With A Cow

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source: Isma Hani (Facebook)

If you search for “unlikely animal friendships” online, you’ll find tonnes of cute alliances. Some of these inter-species friendships are pretty weird, but all of them are definitely cute.

For instance, this cat called ‘Baby’ that likes to play in the garden and jumps around like a rabbit (gnawww), and his buddy – a cow.

Baby would often go missing, and one day, when Baby’s owner, Ismahani Jamil was looking for him, he was found playing in the field next door with the neighbour’s cow. Yes, a cow hanging out with a cat, without any care in the world.

She shared the pictures of the unusual bond between feline and bovine on her Facebook page, which melted the hearts of anyone who came across the post (as it should).

source: Isma Hani (Facebook)
source: Isma Hani (Facebook)

According to Isma, Baby hangs out with the unnamed cow the whole day, and would come back only to eat and drink. After filling his tummy, Baby will run off and play with his friend until evening.

Baby’s 25-year-old owner said her cat, that’s a mix of Persian and domestic breed, has been in her family’s care since it was found all scruffy and dirty near their house.

“I wanted to adopt him [Baby] at first, but my dad said we had too many cats. When I told my mom about him, she asked me to wash and feed him. When he was all clean… He looked beautiful, like a walking ball of cotton. So both my parents fell in love with Baby and we have cared for him ever since,” Isma told Sinar Plus.

Apart from Baby and the cow being BFFs, Isma said Baby also serves as a bantal peluk for her mom and dad. Which is what everyone does to their cats, right?

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