5 Dog Breeds that are Cuter Than Shiba Inu

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Dogs are known to be great companions compared to cats who sometimes can be lazy and only come to you when they are feeling a little manja-ish; dogs are always obsessed with you. When you come home from work, they’ll be the first ones to jump excitedly on you and they’re great listeners who can detect your mood too.

If you thought the famous Japanese breed, Shiba Inu is the world’s cutest dog breed, then you thought wrong because here are 5 other dogs breeds that are way more adorable:

1. Pomeranian

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These guys are so fluffy you might even mistaken one as a pillow (don’t squish ’em!). They have really puffy fur and small little faces and ears, like the cotton balls you used to decorate with fake eyes in art class and call Sasquatch. But when you shower them, the whole weave just becomes flat and all you can see are their tiny bodies. Nevertheless, they’re so precious and squeezable. I mean, have you seen a Pomeranian puppy?

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2. Dachshund

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Better known as ‘sausage dogs’ from their long bodies, they are great dogs to be kept in apartments or condos as they are tiny and don’t shed fur as much. There are also miniature-size Dachshunds but be careful not to squish them while walking around your apartment.

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3. Chow Chow

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Ever wondered what a living teddy bear would look like? Well, this dog breed perfectly proves you that they do exist. It is perfect to keep a Chow Chow if you’re living somewhere colder as they’ve got a very thick coat (okay, maybe not Malaysian then unless you stay at Cameron Highlands).

Plus, if you need a cuddle buddy on those cosy rainy days, then you can snuggle in with this doggy right here. Perfect for single people and like all dogs, they’ll appreciate your affection too.

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4. Corgi

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In the recent years, this particular dog breed has become quite famous on social media. They are especially known for their adorable bouncy butts when they walk or run and for being the Queen’s beloved pets in Netflix’s The Crown. With their small little limbs and adorable faces when their tongues stick out, it’s hard to not fall in love with them.

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5. Maltese

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Maltese are usually white and extremely furry. They kinda remind me of an old Chinese emperor ’cause they look like they have a beard on their face. You could groom them however you want and they would still look cute. Just remember not to shave their fur off completely, of course.

source: Dogtime.com

Which of these 5 dogs would you most likely get? Let us know in the comments below.

On another note, some people say that dog-breeding is inhumane and unnatural. Selective breeding has led to ‘pure’ breeds encountering numerous genetic problems. If you want to have a furry companion, at just a fraction of the cost of a pure breed, your hardy local street dogs are in more need of adoption than any dog you’d find at the pet shop. And you can adopt them at PAWS, SPCA or head over to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better on Facebook.

If you do intend to get a pure breed, please read this first.