Lunadira’s MV for ‘Stuck With You’ is So A E S T H E T I C

(source: YouTube)

Bedroom singer Lunadira dropped her single ‘Stuck With You‘ last April and it’s been on repeat here at the JUICE HQ. It’s a simple, catchy song that’s not complicated to appreciate or understand. All of us can relate being stuck on someone, whether they’re the one or just another fuccboi/fuccgal that’s cancelled.

To match the vibe that the song delivers, the music video for ‘Stuck With You’ perfectly captures millenials’ definition of aesthetic. We can only assume the split screen showcases two different sides and moods to the situation she’s involved in, which is a nice touch to the minimalistic approach of the visuals.

Lunadira has always grabbed attention of social media user with her beautiful covers and the release of her first single and MV showcases that the young singer-songwriter is a talent that we all should be on the lookout for.

Watch the music video below:

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