LOL! We Think We Found A Parody Public Bank Page & It’s Hilarious

(source: The Star)

Parody pages are always good for a quick laugh. Just seeing big companies that are usually superformal being turned into a hot mess is lowkey quality entertainment. Usually when you stumble upon a parody page, there are a few telltale signs that the page is a fake. From badly written bios to messily cropped profile pictures to straight funny posts, there’ll be something that gives it away. But what happens when they take satire way too far and serious?


Well, if you search up Public Bank on Facebook, the first FB page that pops up looks exactly like what you think it’ll be. They have the standard professional bio and the company’s logo as the default picture, so at first glance you can’t really catch anything weird. It really does look like a legit Public Bank page, but the first red flag is that there is no verified ‘blue tick’.

So like any other busybody, we decide to scroll down to see what they’re posting and that’s when it got interesting.

UPDATE: The page is now officially gone. We think the real Public Bank got their hands on it. So enjoy some of the pictures and funny conversations (the admin of this parody page really trolled real-life PB customers to the max) we screen capped for our personal entertainment:

1. They can smoke in the office. Smoking ban? Who?

2. Talk to hand, h8ers!

3. Doesn’t matter cause.. BEST FD RATES!

4. “Excellence requires discomfort”

Professional trolling on this level shouldn’t go to waste, but alas, corporates have never had any sense of humour. We should create a petition to bring it back!

RIP Public Bank Berhad Parody Page, you will be missed.. FYI, the real PB still have yet to set up their own official Facebook page.

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